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Holiday Candle Collection

Holiday Candle Collection

We love ALL holidays! The smell of a fresh Christmas Tree, the sight of a beautiful Menorah, the taste of your favorite holiday cookie, we don't discriminate! We're reminded of all the important things during this time. Family, friends, and a higher power if you believe in that sort of thing are just a few.

Burning Instructions 

All of our candles come with burning instructions on the bottom but we want to remind you of a few things.

Remember to trim the wick before every burn
Let the candle burn until there is an even wax pool that touches the outer edges of the jar.
Don't burn any candle for longer than 4 hours
Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface

    Burn times will vary based on if the wick is trimmed and the amount of draft in the room. You should get up to 40 hours of wonderful burn time with these candles!